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30th October 2017

Five-minute interview with Gez Ossai, acting home manager

Gez, tell us a little about yourself
I live in Gloucester with my partner, three stepsons and my two-year-old son

How did you get to work in care?
Back in 2002, my wife was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away the following year. Within that 12-month period, she was subjected to weekly chemotherapy treatment and fortnightly drainage of ascites. The nurses at Cheltenham General were so attentive and empathetic whilst carrying out their duties and I thought ‘I’d love to do something like that and I bet I’d be good at it,’ despite having trained and worked as an accountant.

After a time, I saw an advert for a carer in Oxford, applied and following the usual checks, I was offered the position.

Within a year I had completed my Health And Social Care NVQ Levels 2 and 3 and had become a Senior Carer. Further promotions culminated in me becoming Care Manager. I joined the team at Wentworth Court in June 2015 and was promoted to Head of Residential Care in January 2016, followed by another promotion to Deputy Manager.

What do you like most about working in the care industry?
It sounds really cheesy but the thought of making a positive impact on a resident’s day, week and/or life is what I really love about care work in general.

What are three great things about working at Wentworth Court?
I’d say the three best things about working at Wentworth Court is the bright and pleasant environment, the wonderful staff that I get to work with and most important of all, the residents.

What do you think makes Wentworth Court a special place?
The family-like atmosphere and the relaxed yet professional approach that has evolved at Wentworth Court.

What advice do you have for anyone who is thinking of working in care?
Go for it. It is the most rewarding career out there. Looking after people that live with dementia is difficult and it can be mentally taxing, but is never dull or uneventful.

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