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Carol Nurse

Wentworth People – Carol’s story

16th January 2017

Cheltenham born and bred, senior carer Carol Nurse started her caring career back in 1976 at Arle House, which was on the current Wentworth Court site.

“My parents dearly wanted me to go to grammar school, but coming from a large family they couldn’t afford it – but they gave me all the things in life that money can’t buy such as love and happiness and I was educated to care, respect and always be kind.

On the same afternoon I left school, aged 15, I walked into Arle House and met Mrs Holroyd who we called Matron. I remember saying I love old people, I can make cups of tea and can also knit (thinking all old people knit) and I want to hold their hand and cuddle them when they are sad. I was offered a care job on the spot and asked to start the following morning.

I worked at Arle house for 11 years and we considered ourselves as one big, happy family. These were happy days and made happier because of a dark, handsome man called Keith. I would do anything to avoid him because he made my heart beat so loud I sure he would hear it, until one day he invited me into his office where we had our first kiss and he asked me for a date.

We got engaged but he had me waiting 28 years until we were married in February 2005 on a snowy winter’s day. Sadly Keith, passed away in 2007 but left me with 30 years of magical memories. Keith was a nurse and a professional dancer, and we never missed an opportunity to show off our groove on the dance floor.


Over the years I continued to care for all ages but mainly in the mental health sector and I also worked with offenders for the Gloucestershire Probation Service.

When Arle House closed, I was saddened to think that it was the end of an era until one day in 2015, I walked past and was delighted to see that it was a much-needed nursing home for residents with dementia.

Once again, as I had done 40 years previously, I walked into Wentworth Court and was met by Kate Stevens, a young, bright, enthusiastic and passionate lady who reminded me of myself. I said that I would like to work here and I will make a difference.

The home is bright and spacious with beautiful furnishings and training is plentiful – health and safety is paramount and there are policies and procedures for everything.

But one thing remains the same – staff are caring and compassionate in everything they do.

Will I stay there until I retire? Aches and pains permitting I’m around for a long time yet!”