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Malc’s room of memories

16th January 2017

Malcolm ‘Malc’ Fox moved to Wentworth Court in August 2016 and his family have decorated his room in a way that helps to stir fond memories.

Daughter Terri explains how creating a stunning, personalised room is important to Malc and his family.

“Due to Dad’s many interests and hobbies, we wanted him to have something uplifting but not childish. All the items in Dad’s room relate to his past and present – the various coloured birds in recognition of the aviaries he used to keep, the large soft tog dogs in recognition of his past pets and stamp collages reminiscent of his large stamp collections – Dad and I did the canvases together in his room as an activity. We have cat transfers in recognition of all those he has owned over the decades plus the German Shepherd stickers – German Shepherds were a real love of Dad’s. One of them, Holly, is still with us and lives with Mum.


Dad’s National Service photographs hold very special memories, as well as family pictures including him and Mum on their wedding day and his sister Sadie and brother-in-law, Norman, who live in Australia.

We wanted to create a room that would give Dad a reason to relax and settle in to his room with recognition rather than fear.

The difference in Dad since he moved to Wentworth Court has been incredible – the whole environment not to mention the wonderful staff have made such a difference to his quality of life. The relaxed atmosphere is helping Mum too as she still comes to terms with a new way of life.”

You’ll be able to read more about Malc in our next newsletter.

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